Ready For Your Battle


Tennis competition oftentimes bring strong emotions, sometimes positives ones, often challenging ones.

Maybe you, too have had the desire to break your racket, have yelled like a mad man, or kept blaming everything and everyone around (the guy is so lucky/ you don’t feel anything).

Maybe you became too agressive (and made many mistakes), or too passive (just wanting to put the balls in the court).

Well, we can do better my friend!

Are you ready to face anything in your matches?

Your Foundation

To become a Champion, you need to develop your personal strengths, and to place yourself in your performance state of mind.

These are your bases, your foundation on which you can hold yourself into in order to develop all your potential, that is developed in the workshop Ready For Your Match.*

Ready For Your Battle’s Goals

Now, Ready For Your Battle replies to these questions:

  • How can I do it when I can’t win playing my game ?
  • What can I do to find the solution in order to adapt to tough situations?
  • What do I focus on when I don’t feel at my best?

What You Learn

During this workshop, you touch to new skills to develop in order to become a great competitor:

–> having a strategy to cope with critical circumstances

–> keeping your Confidence and calmness levels in order to put your new plan in place

–> deploying the right aggressiveness

And also, some others related:

–> finding your ideal breathing pattern

–> relaxing your upper body…

–> …while being able to remain vigilant with your legs, ready to catch any opportunity!

The Key Value Of This Workshop

Last and not the least, the goal of this workshop is to help you grow in en essential value: COURAGE.
Courage to seek and find solutions.

Courage to detach yourself from the result.

Courage to keep doing your best whatever happens.

Courage to be yourself with all your power.

To be honest, on this topic, if we make a tiny step of improvement, this is great! In 2 and half days, you don’t become a Spartan, but if you already understand what is missing to become more courageous, and how you can do this, then it’s fantastic.

The Coaches

Benoit Foucher et Lioudmila Skavronskaia work together to assist pro players or some who aim to be pros.

1st workshop in Sevrier, oct 2019

Benoit wrote 2 books that are related to mindset: Ta Réelle Victoire (in French, 2010) and The Confidence Journey (2018). 


– in money: 250 Euro for 2.5 days (8h30 to 4 pm) Friday and Saturday, 8h30 to 12pm on Sunday, food not included)

– in energy: your attitude to improve


Benoit: tel–> +33 6 48 24 60 49. whatsapp: –> +852 9651 8536

Lioudmila: +33 6 52 90 83 43


*Even though it’s not crucial you have participated in Ready For Your Match ‘s workshop, it still is important you do it in the future in order to go as far as possible in achieving your highest potential level and results.