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Ready For Your Match

A workshop with Lioudmila Skavronskaia & Benoit Foucher

21-22 Oct 2019 at Sévrier, France (near Annecy)

I can honestly say I’ve put more than 25 years of my own struggles, researches, certifications, and most important training, mine and those I’ve coached, into what you can learn in these 2 days.

I don’t promise that at the end of it, you are mentally strong as a rock in all your matches.

What I can commit is that by the end of these 2 days, you know what to do to place yourself in the best conditions.

Which is huge because, in my experience, most players have a limited idea on what to focus on to be at their best.

And you’ll still need to do the work, which can lead to mental mastery if you choose to, which can take years or even life times!

Tennis is here to help us grow, if we want to.

So, whether you aim for the stars, to improve your current ranking, or just to stop being frustrated with your performances, welcome to this workshop and, perhaps, to a new you.


  • Stop to do sticky-stinky matches and ending them saying : “I didn’t feel anything”!
  • Play as well if not even better in matches than in training (yes, yes, yes, it’s possible!
  • Know on what to SPECIFICALLY focus on for YOU and ending the match knowing you really did your best.

For Whom is this workshop: 


What You Learn:

  • What to place behind the word FOCUS: “focus on what”, this is what matters (and if you think it’s focus on winning, think again my friend!)
  • How to assess during your match whether you’re on the right path (the score has little to do with this) or if you’re going to crash against the wall soon!
  • How to talk to yourself, to get ready and remain within your own bubble in your own manner.

The Coaches: 

Benoit Foucher & Lioudmila Skavronskaia work together with players who aim to be pros or are pros already.

Lioudmila Skavronskai, former WTA player and now coach for top players

Benoit is the author of 2 books linked to the subject of mental preparation: Ta Réelle Victoire (in French only, 2010), and The Confidence Journey (2018). 

The Confidence Journey, by Benoit Foucher
Benoit Foucher’s book to increase your Confidence in your sport


  • money wise: 200 Euro the 2 jours (8.30am to 4pm, doesn’t include food, you take care of it separately)

To pay, it’s here –>

  • most important, YOUR investment in energy: your attitude to improve!


Benoit +33 6 48 24 60 49. Whatsapp: +852 9651 8536

Lioudmila: +33 6 52 90 83 43