Tennis Footwork video corse Benoit Foucher

Tennis Footwork Drills to Move Like a Pro on the Court (Video Course)

The Main Issues in Tennis Training at High Level

A great memory in Feb 2020, Kazan, Russia

For having been on the Junior Tennis Tour the last 3 years, I’ve realized a few important things about tennis training:

  • most players and coaches train in the same manner all year long!..
  • as a consequence, everyone knows how to serve then hit hard from the baseline. It seems like this is the only way we’re allowed to play tennis nowadays!
  • …what about variations? What about adaptation? What about awareness? What about bold moves?..Not in the program!

Tennis is a fantastic sport that requires you to adapt, to be resilient, and to become antifragile.

Training the missing pieces

So, my goal is to help players become better, with 2 missing training elements:

  • Mindset training: in a nutshell, being able to recognize a situation, then having the confidence to make a decision to adapt. Yes, this is a mental muscle that needs to be trained. Upcoming course on this topic.
  • Footwork training: a good footwork allows you to make less efforts, to be more in control of the game, and again to be able to adapt to whatever your opponent throws at you.

    The link to train your footwork is here:
To move on the court as you never did before

Enjoy your training!