Judd Biasotto

Dr Judd Biasotto: A True Champion

In the first episode of the upcoming Sportsmen’s Journey Podcast, I explain my definition of Champion: someone who not only dedicates his life for peak performance, and also to inspire, to represent values such as ethic, generosity. All in all to inspire others to be their best.

One of the best persons I believe illustrates this definition of a Champion is Dr Judd Biasiotto.


I find this man extraordinary for several reasons:

    • what he achieved as an athlete, see below his world record,
    • the training regimen he followed is as enlightening (countless hours developing his mind as much as his body)
    • most important, as a human being, knowing what is truly important in life.

Following are a few links I highly recommend and why:


In this recent podcast (sept 2018), Judd is telling stories, many times with emotions, related to:

      • his world record and how he mastered his mind to achieve it
      • why “you have to show up and take risks in life” is essential for being a real Champion
      • why athletes are overrated, and other people who are more extraordinary
      • why even though he’s paralysed now, he will never give up

[highlights] His book The Search For Greatness[/highlights]

      • his path with failures and successes
      • how he developed his training methods, especially his mind training
      • many hilarious stories with the people he met on his way
      • what’s really important in life

[highlights] https://www.strongfirst.com/greatness-an-obsession/[/highlights]

Finally, this article about how obsession is both essential and also a dangerous path for those who aim to be Champions. To note that Dr Judd Biasiotto has done all his world records drug free and consider that taking steroids or any other drug is cheating.