Creation of the life you want: how to respond to the unexpected

One principle for a great life is to create a Vision, goals that support this Vision, actions that goes in line with this Vision…and then let go of any expectation about how this Vision will appear!

How paradoxical it seems to be, isn’t it?

Well, what are the alternatives for creating whatever you want:

  • no Vision, only non-attachment, don’t worry be happy reggae cool boy attitude… You might be happy and live from one pleasure to the other for a while, at the same time if you don’t decide for any direction, well, you might end up at the same place you’ve been with the same situation, plus an additional dose of frustration if somewhere inside of you there is a dream to fulfill.
  • One Vision, no goal: in this case you are dreaming about something, and you don’t follow up with actions. Things might come to you, and the question is, are you ready to catch these opportunities like waves that drive you to your Vision? Often, not supporting your Vision with actions and goals means that you don’t have the confidence to do it, or it’s just not compelling enough so in this case, look at yourself and what you really want!
  • One Vision, goals and precise description of how to do everything. This is the usual text book recipe for success, going from step A to B to C…till Z. Though this approach may seem ideal, because theoretically you have all your path paved in front of you, in practice there are a few big limitations to this approach: first knowing all the steps to arrive to your destination is a hazardous task that might take all your time and energy. Second, how do you know that step C is the best way to choose before you finish your Step B? You don’t! Maybe a C2 or even D approach will be more appropriate at that time.

Here is the approach that I found works, for any kind of creation:

  1. Create your Vision and give yourself an idea of when you want this Vision to happen.This step is essential, otherwise you don’t know where you’re going and just react or respond to the situation, living the life somebody else (parents, family, society) wanted you to live.
  2. Place some active goals on your path. Go for it, everyday you nurture your Vision with these actions, and you could revisit your Vision as you move forward: maybe it’s still a perfect Vision, maybe you want to change it a little bit, maybe you want to change it completely!
  3. Stay open about how this Vision, or your best possible outcome, will manifest, . This is the part of non-attachment to the result.

One thing that took me a long time to understand, is that success, any kind of success, doesn’t come only by the force of our willpowers. We all need assistance, people who advise us, guide us, support us. People who know how to ask you the right questions, people who did a similar path before and can tell you what to do and not to do. On a metaphysical level, creation requires stepping in the unknown, which requires openness and listening to what comes up as you move forward. If we have decided that C “should happen” before D, then we miss the opportunity to play with the Universe and enjoy an unexpected ride that guide us exactly where our souls want to be.

Examples of this approach:

  • as a tennis player, you place your Vision of the game you want to develop, then start to train, let’s say your stability, then you have a tournament that shows you that you can be stable in some instances, and not yet when your opponent plays the balls very early and come to the net all the time. This becomes your next thing to integrate! Your Vision is still there and you still build one goal after another, just that you didn’t know working on stability will take so much work. Perfect!
  • A personal example as an entrepreneur right now, I’m working to create an online program for personal transformation and my partners and I want to integrate technology as a motivational support. One of the partners bought a Fitbit and as we exchange our feedbacks we realize there are positive aspects and yet another tool on the market would be even more appropriate to what we want.
  • Another personal example right now: I’m supposed to be in Mongolia with my sister to meet shamans, and instead my flight has been delayed in Seoul so I end up in a five star hotel paid by the air company writing this blog. I could be upset about the fact that I should be in Ulaanbator already, or that I don’t have much time in this trip anyway so it’s such a waste…or I could just enjoy writing, and opening to the mystery of what has to happen.

En-joy creating!