How to create your successes using The Secret and The Path of Least Resistance

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The Secret*, film and book written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006, became a huge best-seller around the globe and has had an impact on many people’s lives: suddenly science and spirituality were agreeing on the power of our minds. The main principle is based on the law of attraction which states that our thoughts create our future.

the secret

How cool is that! When I looked at my life at that time, I realized that I had attracted a beautifully unique intimate relationship and before that I could see and feel it coming. Exactly what they said… At the same time, I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t attract financial success as well: after all, I could see it too! So there had to be something else.


Along the years, I came to revisit this topic of creation many many times. I can see the power of beliefs (which are thoughts that we have thought many times and appear like truths) in my tennis or coaching clients: some couldn’t imagine them winning against a certain kind of player, some would say it’s impossible to find an attractive AND intelligent AND spiritual woman, some argue that a job doesn’t have to be a passion, and one thing they all have in common: they are right! As soon as such a belief is held and nurtured, there is no room left for any opposite and the world is seen through the eyes of  “nope, it’s not possible”!

So I looked at myself and wondered: “do I have such beliefs that stop me from receiving abundance of money?” And sure enough, there were a few: being rich meant somewhere in my unconscious mind to be egoist, alone and bitter. I kept these thoughts till I opened myself enough to meet a multimillionaire who was also the most generous person I even met. Beliefs cleared, next!

Well, that’s the question: once we are cleared, The Secret states that visualizing and feeling and visualizing and believing again would manifest our dreams. Well, thank you very much, this works partially and there’s still a big piece missing: I would not attract money only by visualizing it on my yoga mat!

So, what’s necessary beyond visualization then?

path of least resistance-benoitfoucher.comTransformation and creation happen when there is sufficient energy, action and momentum focused towards our goals and vision. In his best-seller book The Path of Least Resistance*, Robert Fritz explains the missing parts summarized here:

  1. We need to create what he calls “structural tension” between a strong Vision of what we want and a precise recognition of our current reality. Some people have the tendency to stay too much in the vision (often described as dreamers), some never question outside of their current model of the world, and therefore never create anything outside of their boxes.
  2. By holding structural tension, the “right” action to take become clear.
  3. Most people haven’t learned to create, instead they are either reactive to their environment (like a rebel), or responsive (like a sheep). My sense is that most of us fluctuate between one to the other. Recognizing it help us move to finally enter the creative process.
  4. In the creative process, there are different stages: Germination where it’s important to narrow your choice to what is fundamental for you, Assimilation and understanding there is a need of time before the result of your creation can blossom, and Completion which is the act of finishing in beauty. In each steps its challenges and rewards.

A few quotes that particularly make me think and wonder:
When you are confused, it is usually not about where you want to go but how to get there. If you try to find a way to get there before you know where you want to go, naturally you can expect confusion to accompany your quest.”
“Those who spent their lives destructively are not in touch with their power to create.”
“For many people, much of their life is organized around the circumstances in their lives. For others, much of their lives are organized around creating what they want to create.”
“The world is a king and, like a king, desires flattery in return for favor; but true art is selfish and perverse- it will not submit to the mold of flattery.” Beethoven


Creating the life we want is an art, and there is definitely a part of thoughts’ mastery in it, because without the idea that you can do whatever you want, and clearly see and feel this outcome, it’s very unlikely to even start creating your dreams. Having said this, because we are all unique in our gifts, talents, and aspirations, there is not one big formula that corresponds to each of us.

I find that not creating what resides deep in our truth is incredibly painful, and it’s better, in my opinion, to explore, to make mistakes, to explore again till we find what works for us and our creation’s style. We most probably have some times of challenges and pain along this way, at the same time I prefer to choose this instead of the bitterness of the status quo.

May this post or books continue to assist and inspire us all to create our successes and live our truth, moment by moment.

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And you, what is your point about creation of what you want?

This post refers to 2 books. If you want to buy them, go to this page.