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20 Ways For NOT Becoming Confident!

You Don’t Need Confidence

Confidence is not important for performance, it’s overrated. It doesn’t help. Actually, we need to fight Confidence, Confidence is as bad if not more than strength training, relaxation and visualisation all together!

Do I get your attention here?

Ok, we’re still in the week of April fool so here we go!

Here are 20 provocative ideas in no particular order related to your Confidence. 

You can change any of them and your Confidence will grow. Would you dare to do it? Happy to help if you need, just ask. 

  1. Breathe with your mouth. Big inhales. Do not learn to control your breathe, no point. 
  2. Tilt your head forward. Shoulders forward. That’s it, a straight posture is only for arrogant people. 
  3. Do not ask successful people how they did it. They are egoist, for sure, and won’t have time to help you nor anyone else. 
  4. Focus on what other people think of you. 
  5. Eat crap food. Consistently. 
  6. Do your best to please everyone. 
  7. When you feel concerned, upset, afraid of something, don’t face it. Instead, numb it with your favorite addiction: sugar and/ or social medias. 
  8. Do NOT relax. 
  9. Do NOT push yourself either. 
  10. Instead, spend your time doing things half way. 
  11. Find what you’re comfortable with. Spend your life in this zone. 
  12. Do not take responsibility. It’s always, always, someone else’s fault. If you can’t imagine, search more: you will find the guilty one/ thing that explains everything. 
  13. Do NOT face your weaknesses. 
  14. Do NOT use nor develop your strengths either. 
  15. Focus on your ranking. At school. In your sport. If you are not well ranked, it means you’re bad. If you are at the top, it means you’re good. Whether you’re bad, medium or good, this is your status for the rest of your life (can’t change it).
  16. Do your best to be like everybody else. Choose the clothes others like, you know, the jeans, sweaters, shoes and watch. And the fake boobs too. 
  17. Do not change anything on this list. It’s risky. Don’t create plans to improve, are you crazy?
  18. Do NOT believe Benoit Foucher when he says you can build any skill, that everything is a muscle you can build. You don’t have Confidence, this is it. Game over.
  19. Some people are lucky (and you’re not). 
  20. Be sure you remember all the reasons why you’re not good enough. 


Oh, I almost forgot:

21. Do not invest money and time to read The Confidence Journey!

Some people say the tone is both calm and fun at the same time, others say it shows Confidence is really a journey, some that it’s as if I was talking to you directly. No, no, no, they can’t be right!

But in case, just in case, here is the link for the book. And watch out, it’s dangerous, you might change the list above!