Success Inspiration Videos of the Day

I don’t cry often, and this morning it happened twice. I remember someone saying that when we are touched, it means our soul is telling us something big is happening. Cool.

The first video shows Mandela and the South African rugby team’s victory in the World Cup 1995. Having sport reuniting a nation, and being an example worldwide of achievement, after having been through so much turmoil, so much fears, so much violence, wow. And this same Mandela being at peace and happy like a kid, as if he never been in jail for 27 years, what an example, what an inspiration…

Then my friend Svapna sent me a video of Oprah interviewing J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter. In this case, it’s also the struggle she’s been through before being success-full in the eyes of everyone that touched me. A few success inspiration points, among others:

– failure is important, and most probably big failure, for any successful people. She says that actually if you never had failure, it might mean that you haven’t really lived

– when she hit rock bottom, the only thing she knew was to continue to write Harry Potter

– she’s been refused by 12 publishers before the 13th one accepted. She had an insight that the challenge would be to be published, and if it were, then it would be hugely successful

– death of her mother has also been a big part in the creation of Harry Potter. Knowing how to grief, how to accept death, in order to live more fully is a big part of Harry’s and J.K’s journeys.

– love is the most powerful thing on this planet

For both Mandela and Rowling, hitting rock bottom has been an important part to create their success and inspiration. I think that when we lose everything, our egos finally loosen up, and the essential comes up. Having said this, I also believe that there are other ways than big crisis in order to listen to our souls calling. Meditation and Silence does this too, if we’re willing enough to listen. Hopefully we can find our own way to listen before being put in jail or poverty, though if this is our destiny, there’s not much we can do about it. Just accept the situation and find the perfection in it.