Men: The Only Competition We Will Ever Have to Win

The Real Competition

Your opponent on the tennis court is not your enemy.

Nor your competitor in your business.

Nor “the other men” who are doing their best to date the same woman you desire.

Actually, there is even no opponent, no competition and definitely no enemy outside ourselves.

Does this mean there are competitions going on inside ourselves?

No and Yes.

The Benefits of Cultivating Peace within

When we are at peace, really at peace within, we don’t have anything to prove to anyone. The person called “opponent” at the other side of the net is one of our fellow teachers, offering us a mirror of what we can still improve to reach our ultimate potential.

Likewise, the “competitor” business is here to assist us to develop new ideas, serve better our customers, and, maybe, contribute even more to our society.

Finally, we see the “other men” as other souls who are learning and growing as we all do, and even though we’re still doing our best to attract this woman, there is also a non-attachment to the result that comes from this peace within, a kind of no matter what it’s fine mixed with our intention.

When we are not at Peace

When we are not at peace, really at peace within, then turmoil is going on inside. Our ego wants to prove we are better, better person, better business, better man. The competition between our ego and our heart going on inside shows up on the outside. Anger arises. Fear too. Frustration come back to help. Happiness surprises us at times and we feel lucky…for a short moment of relief.

It’s the emotional roller-coaster going on, and we assume it’s “normal” because when we look around, we see the same kind of reactive behaviours. It should therefore be the same for everyone, isn’t it?

Learning to be at Peace, to be Peace

We can learn to be at peace, to be peace, step by step. If there is any heroic journey to take it’s this one to choose. Because when we do, then the world transforms with us, and the peaceful place within, the balance and harmony within, also shows up in the outside world on a much bigger scale.

Enjoy this competition!

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