How Svapna Bharti and her “Horse” have Created lives based on their Passions

I had a dinner last night with new friends in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And one aspect of their home and lives that particularly resonated with me was how in their own unique ways, they both have created a passionate career, that ends up being a passionate life and a passionate relationship. Let’s talk about passion  and how we can be inspired by them in this case!

The wife, Svapna Bharti, is in the process to publish her first animated book for children and their parents,”I’m a rabbit!!”, depicting  her journey in an inspiring, heartwarming and  fun story.

When my wife and I visited her room, we’ve been amazed in front of the world she has created to spark her creativity. Pink walls, stuffed animals, inspirational books, Angel cards and a comfortable sofa recreate the comfort of a playful girl mixed with the wise woman.

Svapna, "I'm a Rabbit!!" inspirational book's author
Svapna, “I’m a Rabbit!!” inspirational book’s author

Her husband, the Horse in her rabbit story, enjoys very different activities. His passion is in investments and he explained to me, from his tidy and very simple room only filled with a computer, a couple of books and his notes, how he enjoys making money with the stock markets.

At first, we might argue that this couple live 2 different lives:

  • one living at the same rhythm that the European and American markets (meaning he’s awake from 2pm to 4am in Thailand), and the other one with a more “normal” schedule
  • one who cooks, the other one that makes the laundry
  • one who spends her days with her creativity, the other one with rules, mathematics, and reasoning
  • one with a profond dedication for her spiritual growth, and the other one apparently not so much.

At the same time, what has inspired me the most and that I find meaningful reside on a more profound level:

  1. They both have created a life based on their passions, with a place for each of them to explore, experience and blossom from their unique aspirations and what make their heart sing.
  2. this passion has resulted for both of them to work very hard, though the word “work” definitely doesn’t fit with them since they enjoy so much what they live.
  3. Finally, that working and being financially successful from the comfort of our home, is definitely possible.

What if we all dare to create a life fully based on our passion? How would this world be? And finally, how would this have an impact on our intimate relationships?

Am I a dreamer? Maybe. And the more I see, the more I realize many dreamers are big achievers as well.

Now it’s up to each of us to respond to those questions. I personally vote YES for this world in which I’m happy to contribute.

More information about Svapna’s book: