10 Questions For Us Men To Wake Up


These are the kind of questions I ask myself these days in order to

  • find my truth, then live it!
  • be free from what others (government, culture pressure) want me to do vs what makes sense for me
  • be the leader of my life, a life based on my values

You can use them, or you might want to create yours, in any case, I’m doing this with the purpose for men to ask themselves these kinds of questions too. Whatever helps to raise our consciousness level is great for me, so let’s go for it!

About my Work 

  1. Am I living MY truth? If not, what can I change, right now?
  2. Am I passionate about what I’m doing? If not, why not and how can I change this (maybe delegating some work)?
  3. Am I using my talents as much as I enjoy to do? If not, can I and how to use them more?
  4. Who do I contribute to?
    • What cause do I support?
    • What kind of world? How can I do more, or less, in order to contribute to a world I’m happy to co-create?picture sharing together

About my Health

  1. Knowing my unconscious mind is always telling me something, what is my current health telling me about me right now? 
  2. What would I enjoy to change, now, to better nourish and support my body?

About the News and Information I ingest

  1. In times of conflict (war, crisis):
    • who does it serve?
    • can I get (or at least guess) other perspectives in order to broaden my mind?
    • am I at peace within myself when I hear these different points of views?
  2. What kind of Information would serve and nourish me the most, intellectually, spiritually and/ or, just for fun, now?


About my Relationships

  1. Who do I spend the most time with?
    • What part of me does it nourish?
    • Who would I like to be more often and for what other part?
  2. How can I nourish more/ better, the relationships I now have, in my work and private life?


That’s it!

And you, any question you like to ask yourself in order to think better or motivate you to be more yourself? 

Share in the comments section if you like.