Ep #3: Coach Michael Taylor, Why Men Need To Do “The Work”

Success-Crisis-New Success Interview With Coach Michael Taylor

Sometimes we are confident in something…and not in other things. Yet, when we want to achieve our goals and dreams, at some point it’s necessary to step up for what we want, and even though it’s uncomfortable, we know it’s time to go for it!

This is pretty much the topic in this interview, for 2 reasons:

  1. Michael shows, with his strong clarity and confidence, what it takes to do “The Work” as a man
  2. You can see that at the beginning of the conversation, I’m not very confident either!

Having said this,

Here are my favorite moments with Michael

  • His aha moment one night of depression and how it changed the course of his life
  • The 5 Illusions as a Man
  • The 2 most difficult questions to ask for men
  • Why is so important to make peace with our past. And how.
  • The 2 things that make men to change
  • Nurturing: a word for men as well!

And more…

Image interview Michael Taylor- Benoit Foucher

What I’ve learned from Michael

How can we resist a man that is on a mission?! This is what I thought when I discussed with him. This guy is totally committed and has found out the thing is here to do, and has done it for 20+ years. So powerful.

I believe this is something we can all access, I feel that it came gradually for me and the more I tap into this truth, the more powerful and decisive I am. Thanks Michael for this reminder!

Resources from this interview

Michael referred to a few books:

This is an amazing book to help us men being in touch with the wild part inside of us and liberate ourselves. Used at the Mankind Project as well. Pretty powerful.

This is the book Michael is referring during the interview and you can get it for free with the coupon code he’s referring:)

Michael talked about the benefits of meditation. My wife Elena is a meditation expert and you can get easy and powerful meditations here.

And You?

What do you learn from this Success interview with Michael? Any question, comment, share below and I’ll get back to you.

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