My 10 Best Books Of 2019 That Could Help You BOOST Your Performances in 2020

Traveling with the tennis players that I coach all year long, I have quite a bit of time to read. And since I’m obsessed with how to improve performances in all areas, I got a list for you of 10 Books that could help you for different reasons.


1: …if you want to think about where in your life it’s important to care about (and where not to), to get (maybe even more) about the importance of failing, and the importance of being brutally honest with yourself.

Life is short. We have a limited time to dive into what does matter for us and this book reminds you about it.
It’s fun. Mark uses his personal examples to illustrate his points. And, yes, it’s f… provocative at times. Love it!

 2: …if you want to understand why you can easily do something…and struggle like me with other things! 

I use this test with the athletes I coach: it does help me in my communication and coaching style. For instance, even though it’s not my Tendency, if he’s an Obliger I know I need to guide him more than if he is a Rebel.

I’ve also used it to understand my wife (and she did to understand me!): so now I know that when she does ask many questions, it’s not personal, it’s not that she doesn’t trust me, it’s not that she’s not smart, this is what’s necessary for her in her Questioner Tendency. And once she makes up her mind, she becomes un unstoppable successful machine!

Finally, if you are a parent and have a hard time with your kid, this might be very helpful…especially if he/she has the Rebel tendency like me and you don’t!

3: …if you’d like to be inspired by a story of someone who made it against all odds. For me, Chris is an example of self mastery. Tough life to become successful in all that he chose to. Yep, inspiring.

4: … if being strong, resilient and injury free is something you would like to develop. As the title says, Pavel makes it simple to apply and understand. I’ve used this plan when I started my Kettlebell training 6 years ago.

I use it with every athlete I coach. Why? Because it delivers: you’ll be stronger physically and mentally, while having energy for your other activities.

Last and not the least, especially if you’re a man, your testosterone level will increase, with all the positive consequences we know about. Enjoy!

Note: for advanced practitioners, read and train with The Quick and Dead. Another impressive minimalist program!

5: …if you feel you have mediocre results in your sport/ business/ life. Or at least that you can do (much) better. A good kick in my butt. Grant is a master for thinking big. 

Note: read Sell Or Be Sold also, if you’d like to sell in an authentic and honest manner. The chapter about how he attracted his wife is both hilarious and incredible.

6: …if you aim to write a book or being more creative, start with The War of Art. Steven is also a Rebel (see the Four Tendencies book mentioned above) and I can totally relate with his struggles! 

7: …if you’d like your book to be known. Once you’ve read The War of Art, read this one. Really good for marketing, for making a really good book, and for selling it! I will write a new book in 2020, to help parents whose kids want to achieve big things in their sports, and I will use these 2 books for sure!

Note: read Nobody Wants To Read Your Shit, also by Steven Pressfield, to improve your writing style. I also liked On Writing, by the famous Stephen King.

8: …if you’d like to understand how our brain works. If you are a parent and want your kid to be smarter, you will get something out of it. Easy and entertaining stuff. 

Special thanks to my friend Mircea, specialist in education, for suggesting it to me!

9: …if you would like to improve in marketing, and being successful in life. Gary is also a Rebel (see Four Tendencies above), so much that he wrote these letters to his son while being in jail!

Thanks to my friend Simon, great in marketing, for suggesting this to me.

10: …if you would like to read a classic in the world of strength. Steve exemplifies what a strong attitude means. The opposite of being a chicken like many kids nowadays, if you want to know my opinion!