Ep #8: Introduction Crazy Men Coaching Program

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Asking Myself The Big Question

5 months ago, I decided to reassess my coaching career by asking myself the forever-in-your-face-simple-yet-profound question: “what do I really want now?”

The answer surprised and inspired me at the sam time: I want to coach bold and crazy men who are willing to transform so they can have a positive impact on this planet…

About Our Planet

Talking about the world we’re living in, depending on the moments it seems I oscillate between: “wow, this is magical, what a blessing!” and “what a really big MESS!

On one hand, there are all these beauties and miracles, with life in all its forms.

On the other hand I’m also really touched by all these inequalities we have created around the globe, corporations and governments leading their ways on the back of others on a big scale for instance.

On one hand again, I can feel when I’m relaxed enough that “no matter what it’s fine, it’s all good”.

And on the other hand when I’m far less relaxed, there is this angry voice witnessing the “I take whatever I can while I can” mentality.

In both cases, the answer to my big question was and still is the same, though I believe my impact is quite different whether it comes from a peaceful or an angry mind, don’t you think!?

Anyway, these 2 voices show up, I’m not going to pretend the contrary.

Time to Grow Bigger

Back 5 months ago, I decided it was time for me to grow bigger in my coaching career.

Time to make a difference not only in the life of young Champions I coach in tennis and not only in the adults who want to increase their dose of successes either.

While I still love the former, the excitement has faded for coaching those of us who don’t aim for the stars. I don’t mean about being rich and famous here, I’m talking about having an extraordinary meaningful life where we find a way to use our talents at the Top Performance, live with Passion and have this deep sense of Contribution for something. A cause. A purpose.

core foundations success -Benoit Foucher

This, to me, is the definition of true success.

And yes, it’s about being a Champion too!

Following this momentum, I’ve created a coaching program, a program that I would have loved to follow with tools and inquiries to improve in all the essential elements of my life. Most important, I’ve decided to call this a Coaching Program for Crazy Men.

Why Crazy Men?

Crazy, to me, corresponds to the moments in our lives where we decide to jump, dive in the unknown, no matter what. This moment full of doubts and opportunities. Scary, uncomfortable for sure, exciting and life transforming too!

The world has been profoundly transformed by people like Mandela, Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Richard Branson to name a few. None of them are “reasonable” people. They all stepped up for something bold, something that was, well, crazy, beyond what others thought was possible.

Steve Jobs Crazy picture

The purpose that was pulling them was huge, and so they decided to go for it wholeheartedly no matter the price to pay. And millions have followed and are still inspired to this day.

Of course we’re not all meant for such destiny. We all have our paths and lessons to learn, wherever we are right now is perfect.

Mine hasn’t been smooth and easy either.

My Path

I wanted to be a tennis Champion when I was 6 years old, and I followed this dream playing matches around the world for what was my first career. I’ve learned tremendously during those times, witnessing how people live and think, which very often blew my mind.

Benoit Foucher tennis picture

Then one day I had enough and I decided to coach and inspire others to do their best too!

Then one day I realised the comfortable and nice life I had in Paris was not good enough for me, there was this calling for more, or different, or out of the box I was feeling I was. So I decided to leave France to start from scratch in Hong Kong with the goal to live a bigger life.


7 years later, I have written 2 books, I spoke in front of bigger and bigger audiences, coached many tennis talents, as well as men and women who were eager to change. I became certified in Coaching, Yoga, and Fitness.


I transformed completely on a personal level, too.

It started with the biggest crisis in my life, being lost, overwhelmed and confused. Then as I got better and better, I started to date many women, made many mistakes on this path… To say that I’ve learned a LOT is not an exaggeration.

I’m now married to a soul mate, and I’ll use the definition of soul mate that Robin Williams uses in Good Will Hunting: “someone who dares to challenge you profoundly!”

I also did a 3 month world Tour with group of spiritual masters.

All of these experiences have shaped me in a better way I believe because the most important is this: I met myself, my vulnerable and authentic self, many many times. I’ve realised that while I had achieved great things, I had also failed with many others.

For instance I could say that I am more at peace most of the time, and yet I still have my burst of frustrations and anger that make me think that at the end of the day, I might not be that evolved after all. Big bang for my big ego!

Which is ok. You know the saying: the most important is the path, not the destination!

 About Failing

I won’t pretend this has been easy either. Sometimes, many times, I thought: “what are you doing again Benoit?! You could focus on earning more money by simply teaching tennis here and having fun like others seem to have!”

The truth is: I tried and went inside this trap too, to discover that as soon as I follow this direction it shut down my heart, my happiness and my energy level in a split second!

Apparently our bodies have this way to tell us when our soul is not happy, and this lead me to the only other alternative: following my heart, my bliss, living the dream, no matter how we like to say it!

And this, my friend, has felt and still feels Crazy. In fact, each time it doesn’t, the next adventure is calling me. Just a fact.

Are You Living Your Dream?

What about your path, about your life now? Do you feel like it’s a big adventure?

Are you enjoying it fully?

Are you living up to your potential, with the Success components of Top Performance, Passion and Contribution?

Very few of us do it I believe. Because we have habits to break, fears to overcome, reasons to push away our Adventure with a capital “A”…Until one day we have enough of living the life of someone else, or the life that our fears dictated, and we feel ready for it.

Ready to climb.

Ready to rock.

Ready to shake our world and live our Dreams!

If it’s the case for you and it’s your moment, know that I’m going to coach 3 men with this Crazy Men Coaching Program. 

Why only 3?

Because I want to give my attention fully to them, giving them a world class assistance. And my weekly schedule doesn’t allow me to have more time as I commit to match this quality of coaching and transformation I’m talking about.

If you resonate with what I’m saying here, you feel compelled to look at yourself, create and follow a Crazy Big Vision while optimising your body, mind and spirit to match this agenda, then go ahead and contact me, you might be one of these 3 men.

You might also read the page I’m explaining the concept here. 

Crazy Men Coaching Program

Then have a first (and free) conversation with me.

 What Kind Of Perfection?

Men, wherever you are at this moment is perfect.. I really believe this. Whatever emotion you feel is perfect too. Frustrated, angry, sad, excited, in love, whatever. We can use this emotion for growth, your growth. And if you’re ready to create another kind of perfect, reshaping your life for a bigger, bolder and more impactful one, what I’m offering is the perfect fit I believe.

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