Confidence is a Journey that never ends

Confidence is a funny beast.

As I wrote in my new book “The Confidence Journey”, passing the certification of Kettlebell with Strongfirst level 1 (SFG 1) in 2016 was far from easy for me.

I see that Confidence works as a continuum.

First we understand something in our training.

Then we get Confident at it in a friendly competition.

Then in an official one.

Then in a big one.

I can see the same happening for my students.

For instance I’m with Arthur this week in Nottingham. He’s been uber Confident to play his game for all the tournaments that lead to this ITF event…and in this one, a semi pro competition, his fears lead him to not express the fulness of his potential in the first round, so he lost even though he had a match point.

Confident forever?

And then at some point we might think that the process is over: we are a Confident person and this is it. Well, in my experience, though it’s getting easier, the process is still the same when we decide to go and meet our next challenge:

Confidence for something new in practice–> then in a special event–> then in a bigger event.

2 years after my certification level 1, this morning, I’ve registered to the level 2 (SFG 2) event in Budapest.

I’ve been training a lot, especially my Kettlebell Press that I believe is the most challenging part for me.
And there is some Confidence in me, enough to register…

…at the same time, fear and doubt are still here. “Can I make it?”

Well, we’ll see!

Meanwhile, the Confidence Journey is still here, for everyone that decide to challenge himself to the next level.

Let’s feed the part of us we’d like to grow. Challenge outside our comfort zones.

Let’s do it. Now.

Enjoy the journey,

Update: my first Kettlebell press at 40kg

I didn’t make it during the certification event. I made it after applying the lessons learned there, a few weeks after.
Here is the video.