Rhythm: a Secret to Create The Life You Want

There is rhythm in everything for those who look for performance and ease.

In tennis, there is a moment to inhale when you prepare a shot, and a moment to exhale with the ball; a moment to take your time in between points, and a moment to go for it full blast; a moment to be inspired, and a moment to express your talent. If you are in rhythm with the ball, then you can control the point, use the energy of your opponent and send him back in another direction. If you are out of rhythm, then you compensate, you fight, you use more energy than necessary, and exhaust yourself very fast. Moreover, you don’t have this sensation of controlling the game, which might be very frustrating.
In your career it’s the same: sometimes it’s important to go full blast developing your products and audience, sometimes it’s wiser to rest, meditate on where you are at the moment, and be inspired again for the creation of the next iteration of your business.
Recognizing that there are rhythms everywhere helps you in any aspect of your life.
In his book The Path of Least Resistance, Robert Fritz explains that for every creation there is a moment of Germination, when you explore your ideas and narrow them down to one goal, then Assimilation, when you develop this goal without seeing any result yet, and finally Completion, when you dare to finish the work and reap the success of your creation.

And you, In what rhythm are you today in your life and your business?

Bonus: a few musics for the rhythm of your day