Success – Crisis – NEW SUCCESS! Paul Cooper, Freedom Coach – Interview #1

These series of interviews of men aim to inspire other men to find and redefine what Success means for each of us. Also, to realize that failure, breakdowns and crisis are all good … when we are courageous enough to look within ourselves and gain the lessons.

For this first interview, I’ve had the pleasure to talk with Paul Cooper, who decided to call himself a Freedom Coach because he now helps others to liberate themselves emotionally.

In my opinion, there are many points that each of us can learn from Paul’s teaching in this talk, and that are not very often (enough) discussed:

  • the reason why Paul decided to liberate himself emotionally after his first experience of “success” with marriage, College education, job and all the stuff that supposedly make us happy.
  • the amaaaazing (and for many of us, crazy) way he decided to do it or his crash course 1 on 1 with his mother.
  • What does it mean to take full responsibility for our own emotions in relationships?
  • What changes can we gain when we liberate ourselves.
  • Paul’s view on being successful now and how easier it seems to be (at least to me when he said that).
  • What is the First Step to Liberate ourselves.
  • The importance of feeling our feelings fully and an example with me and one of my current issues.


About getting outside our Comfort Zone, Being The Man You WIsh To Be E-course: 

As you can see in this Video, I’m quite stressed at the beginning! To be honest, when I hear my voice in high pitch like this, I have a voice in me who’s wondering where my confidence has gone at that time! Remember your first time in anything? Here I was! And yet, I’m glad I’ve been over it.

As Paul explains in his talk, when we honor our fears and feelings, then we can seat on a solid emotional foundation and truly choose what we want, what’s meaningful and essential for us. And doing these interviews is definitely juicy, out of my comfort zone, and super meaningful for me.

So yes, it takes guts, courage, balls, however you want to say it. Like with anything we feel is important for us.

If you too are ready to transform your life, define what success means for you as a man at this moment, and unlock yourself from your blockages, the E-course Being The Man You Wish To Be is for you.

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