How I came up with this Breathwork Course and who is it for?

I’ve just published an online video course to improve your breathing, a topic that is very dear to me, whether for our well being, our ability to handle stress, or for high level competition.

The link for the course in English is here:

How it started

I7 years ago I came across a road block in my coaching. I was helping a promising tennis player at that time. I could see that his breathing pattern was too fast compared to the amount of physical efforts he was making. I was sensing his anxiety had a role to play in this equation. And that (re)training his breathing pattern would be very useful.

On the other hand, I was not 100% sure about:

What exercise?

How much to train?

What will this give to him?

Quel exercice?

Ironically, I was not a total beginner on this topic: I had learned relaxation techniques, breathing in tennis with my coach, I was even a yoga instructor back then…

Yet, difficult to convince him to do breathing exercise when I was not totally convinced about it myself!

So, what started from a simple question became a quest for knowledge and mastery.

Second Wind, a seminar lead by Pavel Tsatsouline, blew my mind:

Pavel Tsatsouline, here in the now online seminar Second Wind Express
  • Olympic russian athletes use to train solely on their breathing 1 to 2 hours a day!
  • breathing with your nose is essential, even during efforts, for performance, stress and well being.
  • apparently, we breathe too much (I was not really understanding the physiological details at that time)!

Rather than calming my thirst for knowledge, it fueled my curiosity even further. And still the same unanswered questions.

2 online seminars and 17 books later.

Tens or hundred of accumulated hours practicing and training the players I coach.

Et finally, I got it, or rather, I understand the essential knowledge.

Each exercise develops something specific in you

It sounds obvious, and yet I’ve had a hard time finding out the answer to my primary question. Until I read the Illuminated Breath, by Dylan Werner, also a yoga instructor. And everything, Buteyko, Patrick Mc Keown, and many others, it made sense!

My favourite book on breathing

In a nutshell, there are breathing exercises:

  • to learn how to breathe better and with confidence (this is for everyone, you and me included)
  • to be better and handling stress
  • to improve your health (immune system)
  • to get better in your sport
  • to be in the flow (tennis and other sports as well)

Breathwork, my online course

And so I have created this course with what I’ve learned and the reasons to do which exercises.

Here is an example of an exercise to do, just before a stressful event, may it be a tennis competition or anything else.

Who is this Breathwork course for?

If you tick some of the following, it is for you:

  • you are a tennis player who wants to be strong mentally.
  • you are not a tennis player, on the other hand you would like to be more relaxed, feeling less stressed in your life.
  • you are ready to practice every day some breathing exercise(s) that will make you improve (20 min minimum).
  • you are often anxious and would like to breathe confidence.
  • you would like to be sick less often.
  • you would like to be less out of breath without having to run so many hours every week.

Link and price

As I like to do, I give you 3 possibilities of investment in my course, so that those who have more difficulties financially and those who’d like support further my business development are all happy: 48Eur, 98 Eur, and 198 Eur.

And the link is here: