Ep #10: Flow, Focus And Optimal Work Habits, With George Kao

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In this episode, I have the pleasure to interview my current business coach George Kao.

This is part of The Flow Series, you can see my post on what I’ve learned from this topic, meaning how to be in a state of Optimal Focus and Relaxation at the same time here.

Key Lessons From George

  • How to tap into our subconscious to find solutions
  • How to remember what our intuition is telling us even when it’s not convenient (under our shower or in our vehicle)
  • The importance of breathing
  • “Holistic pauses”
  • Control what we can control
  • The use of spiritual quotes to stay on track
  • Why keeping our schedule as boring as possible is actually a grey thing for creativity
  • Productivity tips

In bonus, George is asking me what does it take to be a Champion, check my answer at the end of the interview!

Key Notes

– This Episode can also be found in George’s podcast, called Our Highest Work here:


– George’s website, with tons of resources to upgrade our solopreneur’s career and online presence:


– I’m referring to Andre Agassi’s book Open when I’m saying “Control what you can control, Andre”


Final Note

After interviewing George, I thought about his times buckets and how I could use them. I’ve tried for a week, and then realised it doesn’t work for me: when something is worth doing, it seems like for me I have to do it a bit every day. Which means I write on my books every day, I do some content creation every day, I do some client development every day, as well as working out, meditating, clients and time to relax. This is the way it seems to work for me to be happy and productive.

We’re all different. And I believe, like on the tennis court, we need to find out our style.

So, what is the one thing you get from this Episode?

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