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The Best Sport’s Drink


When it comes to sport drinks, you might be tempted to buy one of those energy drinks available on the market. The problem is that most of them are not healthy, have too much sugar, or don’t even taste good.

A few years ago I asked to a researcher at the INSEP, the French Institute for Sports, what is the best sport’s drink, and he told me: “Benoit, the best sport’s drink is actually very easy to make”.

Here is what he told me.

Recipe #1:

  • In one litre of water, place 10cl of organic grape juice/ or organic apple juice.

  • Add a pinch of Himalayan Salt (important: no table salt, quality matters here).

That’s it!

Note: when the weather is hot, put less juice, the priority for the body is more about hydration.

His comment: What you now have is a sport’s drink that will help you sustain your effort for a long period, and is easy for your body to assimilate. And with the salt, you avoid cramps.

Recipe #2:

I’ve found this one watching Joe Defranco’s video here (at the end of it, in the first part, he talks about the importance of salt for athletes during summer).

  • In your water, add some freshly pressed lemon juice.

  • One half spoon of honey.

  • A bit of Himalayan Salt.


Last night I’ve competed using this second recipe. With the crazy hot and humid Hong Kong weather, I can tell you: this makes a big difference to sustain our energy!