Awareness On The Messy World We Live In

Today a different style of video sharing That I’ve been thinking to do for a while.


The theme is clear: we live on a messy world. It’s time to change.


I’ve been considering the issues that we face nowadays on this planet, with awareness and skepticism:

  • About health: how come we live in a world where we are contaminated by heavy metals?! This might be an intriguing example, the fact is that I’ve been following a treatment to remove these toxins that caused extreme fatigue, hormone imbalances and many other issues. Cool I found out this way of healing, and why in the first place have we let these things happening in our water, in our air?!?


  • About Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong: what is the truth behind the scene and willingness to live a “true democracy”?


  • About Ebola: who has started this virus? Is it really “happening to us” or is it a man made destruction. I mean, even though we can argue that hygiene is more an issue in Africa than in countries like, let’s say USA, it’s clear to me that the governments of our so-called “advanced” countries, don’t believe the life of an african equals the life of an american! The ratio is probably about 1 american life equals 1 million?! My guess. Otherwise we would really care for others and these inequalities would not exist. Period.


  • About wars in general: how long are we going to buy into the idea that we need to kill the “bad people” because they are dangerous? And who decides this? For what reason? Our countries, again, sell weapons, and then end up fighting against those guys. Our corporations push behind the scenes because there are oil markets behind. Again, all of this on the back and lives of people for the benefits of a very few.


So, here is the video I’ve just shoot with these ideas and why I’m in to co-create a movement of awaken men who decide to live a life that makes sense, that respect others, love others, and enjoy living a successful life based on passion, talent and contribution.

picture messy world video

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