How Adam Braun has Created an awe-Inspiring “for-purpose” Business


1 Month ago I came across this video interview. After watching it, I was inspired by both the interviewer Marie Forleo and intervieweeee Adam Braun!

So much authenticity in their relationship.

So much desire to make a difference, and already being very successful from my standards.


Right after, I subscribed to the channel of the lady and bought the Promise of a Pencil’s book of the dude. Well, I should say the gentleman with huge balls, determination and vision.

pencil promise

I believe deep inside we all want to make a difference, and most of the time we find reasons not to do it because of our current circumstances.

Maybe we’re saying to ourselves that we don’t have enough to pay the rent.

Maybe it’s because our parents, our culture, and what we have decided, consciously or not, to be true.


Well, this Adam could have lived the same business-as-usual paradigm of success: money first, philanthropy and passion later. After all, he went to a prestigious College, learned about business and started to work in a prestigious corporate firm in order to follow his teenager’s desire to be rich.


(I certainly can relate to this with my tennis career. Sometimes I had more the desired outcome than the passion in mind… Anyway, back to him.)


What he decided instead is unconventional and such an inspiring example. By traveling the year right after he graduated and following one sign after the other, he had the idea to ask kids all over the world one question. From then on, he realized that, making a difference sometimes doesn’t take much, simple acts like offering a pencil to an Indian kid is one of these examples. What was the question?


“If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?”


Well, not only this question transformed his life at that moment, by following his bliss, using his talents, business skills, determination and breaking through his parents and conventions wisdom, he has created a “for-purpose” business as he says that builds one school every 90 minutes! He is now linked with top world leaders, his partners and employees are all living the same purpose, and therefore he now lives in a community that gives power to us all to change our planet.


Wouaw. And I’m not sure he’s 30 years old yet…


So, grab his book: The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person can Create Extraordinary Change, if you haven’t yet. Check his website. And live your purpose too!

We can all be inspired to live our bliss and truth as he does, day after day.


And you, how do you see living your purpose and being in service? Possible, impossible? Right Now? Feel free to share your ideas and comments.