6 Steps to Find our own Path and Living our Truth

Mongolia, October 2013. I’m with my younger sister, not knowing exactly why, just knowing there has been a deep calling to follow her when she mentioned she wanted to come here.
We’re now inside the car, traveling with our guide and driver through the land. Every 30 minutes or so, the horizon changes totally with only one constant: nature and its splendor around. As I keep taking pictures and meditate, I realize how fascinating our journeys to find our path are.
Here is a bit of wisdom I’ve (re)discovered:
1. Sometimes our path is very clear.

Clear Path, and is it really the one we want?
Clear Path, and is it really the one we want?

We know what we want, though what we want might not necessary come from us only. Our family or our society has paved the road in front of us. “Have a wife and make babies”, “Work hard at school to get a good job”, they all say. Since everybody seems to agree, there might be a good reason, and we follow them as this is true: we do want to provide for our kids and we don’t want to be left alone! So we choose this path at first.
2. Soon or later our path becomes more blurry, and we start to hesitate.

hesitation in our path, where are we going?
hesitation in our path, where are we going?


We realize that actually, what we have chosen, though it might give us some kind of comfort- money, friends, sex- hmm, well, doesn’t make our heart sing.

And so we start to wonder whether there might be a more fulfilling experience…but “Hey! Are you going to give up what you have, risk to lose your situation in order to find, maybe, something you have no clue about?”, your friends, parents and wife are all advising you.

“You have responsibilities now, it’s not very wise”, they all agree.

So we continue our path as it was. We might even focus more on what supposedly makes us happy. More work, more meals with friends, and more of all kind of addictions that numb ourselves from this uncomfortable part of us.
3. Until we arrive to a dead end.

time for a change
time for a change


Depression. Injuries. Separation. Jobless. Cancer. Death. Any kind of crisis.

Since we didn’t want to listen, our souls and unconscious minds find other ways to tell us that, really, this path we have chosen is not fulfilling.

Fortunately, fear of being uncomfortable vanishes and we are now ready to take a more courageous path, following our hearts and live our mission

4. The bridge from our previous life to our new one is far from being easy.


Bridge from one path to another
Bridge from on Path to another












creating our won path
creating our own path

This road is not traveled by everyone. Actually, only each of us is going to take our own unique one.










6. Finally, we realize that when we follow our truth and follow the path our soul most desires, then this path by itself is success-full. We are now living our passion, giving, receiving, and co-creating a world in which we are glad to contribute. And beauty emerges from inside out.

beauty within and with our path
beauty within and with our path

Note: all these paths correspond to different part of us expressing their opinions: our ego seeking comfort through external rewards, or intuitive voice telling us what we really want from deep within, and finally we are aware of the world and its voice asking us to contribute with our own talent and passion to make it a better place.