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Benoit Foucher coaching

I’m Benoit Foucher, host of this website, elite tennis and peak performance coach.

My goal here is to share with you the lessons, principles, tools and exercises on How To Be Strong and Free.

I do believe strength and freedom are skills that need to be developed, conquered, and cultivated for each of us. As you train and grow these, like muscles, your Confidence increases, you know you can and you do achieve greatness, in your sport and in your life.

Depending on your situation, following are suggestions of videos, articles, courses and books that could be interesting for you.

How To Reach Me

First, if at any time you have any question, comment, or you would like to discuss with me for one reason or another, you can email me:

benoit (at)

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How To Become A Better Athlete

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How To Get Better In Tennis

How To Be Mentally Strong And Confident

article on how NOT building your self confidence

Read this quick and provocative article: 20 Ways for NOT becoming Confident!

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