CLW #16: Success Is Not What We Think (Eng et Francais)

In English (version française avec video plus bas)

There is a huge lesson I had to learn during my tennis career, and, to be fully honest, in my whole life as well. This is…


The general idea, at least it was mine before, is that “When I will be successful, then I will be confident.” The same goes for many other qualities and situations. Many of us think “when I will be rich, then I’ll be happy”. Or “when I get this job, then everything is going to be alright.”

It doesn’t work this way.

At least not for me. Not from my experience. And definitively not for a tennis career.

How does the equation of success work then?

Exactly the opposite!

It’s when we acquire the qualities we are projecting in the future that success comes. Actually, it can’t but happening then.

Personal example: 

I had many expectations as a tennis pro. After all, I was training hard and did everything I can think of in order to be successful.

So I had desires to play Grand Slams, hopes to earn more money, and all the fame that goes with it. This whole mix was creating some heat-cooker pressure inside me.

And because of it, I was not able to liberate myself.

This is only when I learned to relax and let go of the results, that, paradoxically, I started to win. It’s when I acquired qualities like grounding, relaxation and confidence that I won.

And till then, this has shown me to be true in any area of my life.

It is when I did let go expectations to date nice girls, and was happy by myself, then these women were attracted in me. My wonderful wife arrived in my life in this manner.

Clients and money also come to me when I’m focused on me and what I’m passionate about, not on these outcomes.

The Mission Of  Week (if you accept it, of course:))

The mission, my friend, is to look at your goals, and ask yourself the question: “what kind of person do I expect to be when I achieve this goal?”

Once you got the answer you know what you need to do: focusing on developing this quality, right now!

Enjoy the path. Remember success is NOW.



Version Francaise

Le succès n’est pas ce que nous croyons

Si comme moi, vous pensez ou pensiez que c’est lorsque vous atteindrez vos objectifs que vous serez confiant, heureux et en paix avec vous-mêmes, la video qui suit est la pour vous challenger.

La Mission De La Semaine (Si vous l’acceptez!)

C’est de regarder ce que vous espérer obtenir comme qualité lorsque vous atteindrez vos objectifs, quels qu’ils soient.

Puis de retourner la question et de se demander comment vous pouvez vous entrainer a développer cette qualité…maintenant!

Bon chemin a tous, et souvenez-vous, le succès, c’est maintenant, tout de suite.