From Shy kid to Grown Up Man, releasing Fear and Getting Confident

As a kid and especially as a teenager, I had struggles to talk and dare to express what I felt, mainly because I wanted to be liked and because I didn’t have a role model that I really liked (I’m sure there were other reasons and that’s not my point here).

It took years to get out of the shell. Women, teachers of all kinds, meditation have helped me tremendously to get this confidence. The constant desire to improve, step by step, bit by bit, even and in particular when I did mistakes and it was tough to get this out. I’ve learned that vulnerability, authenticity and love are the best ways to be strong and confident, not only in me, but in life in general.

And at the beginning, when I just couldn’t say it, I was very fortunate to have one form of expression to express and transform my emotions, frustrations and sadness: tennis and sport in general.

Here is a video of a guy who has used dance for the same matter.

What’s your way to express what’s tough? To release the pressure?


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  1. for me it's dance : cuban salsa and bachata.
    I express many things that, as a scientific guy, I can't explain.

    1. benoitfoucher says:

      as long as we find a positive way to release what we want to release, it's great!

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