Peak Performance Coaching For Teenagers


Peak Performance Coaching

-For Teenagers-

I coach teenage male athletes who have a big dream, who intend to excel at sport and life, and I involve the parents throughout the process.

So if you are a parent of a teen like this, welcome.

Your Situation

Your child has a Project, a Big Goal: being the best that he can be in his sport.

He is aiming for the stars, and being the Champion that he is dreaming he could be.

And he KNOWS he can do better, you know he can… if he can just liberate his potential!

And, for some reason or another, at the moment it’s not working as well as he would like. You’re wondering ‘WHY?


Possible reasons can be:

He hasn’t discovered the optimum level of stress necessary for him to win his competition- most of the time it’s too high, sometimes too low.
Injuries and fatigue are often in his way and take time and attention to deal with.
He hasn’t yet found the keys to be more focused, confident, or relaxed (maybe all of them).
He thinks that if he loses, it means he’s not successful.
He’s just not fit enough, physically, mentally and/ or emotionally.


He is definitely not alone.

Yes, that’s true!

Congratulations! He is part of my tribe already!

In my experience, becoming a Champion is a journey – one filled with fun and many lessons to learn.

This is what I’m offering: Coaching him to deliberately live his Journey to Peak Performance to the fullest.


What To Expect From This Program

The program is tailored to your teen’s needs. Fundamentals you can expect he learns and uses successfully include:

  • Overall improvement of his performances, with specific markers for him.
  • Confidence in himself, especially during competition, using my concept of Real Victory.
  • Being more fit with a specific program that complements him and his sport – to prevent injuries, increase strength and develop more endurance.
  • Becoming more relaxed and self-aware in competitions and in life.
  • Gaining knowledge about what’s necessary for him to develop in the years to come, for his sport, and in life.

To emphasise this last point: NOBODY knows whether he is going to be the next Roger Federer, Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.

On the other hand, when he acquires the habits, values and attitudes of a Champion, these serve him in all aspects of his life…sustainably!

In this coaching, he can reach his potential in whatever he chooses to commit to, whether it’s in sport, school or life, it continues on into adulthood.


About Me

If you want to know more about me, I suggest you have a look at this page with my story.

In a nutshell, I’ve been a tennis professional, in the top 1% of the players on this planet, coached teenagers for more than 10 years, created a concept of Real Victory, this is my first book ( published in French only), and I’ll explain further this concept in my upcoming book Flow Tennis (in French and English).

One thing to know:

My mission is: in whatever arena, to assist young people to be Champions. Real Champions with their courage, ethics, skills and commitment.

Picture Jerome Lacorte Benoit Foucher
With Jerome Lacorte for his tennis endurance world record.

What To Expect From Me

When I work with your teenager, you can expect me to listen to him deeply, to his hopes and concerns.

I will ask him questions to clarify and challenge his thinking in new ways which will lead him to act differently at some point.

And, he will receive a personalised plan to build fitness and mental aptitudes, tailored to him.

Is he ready to live and act like a Champion? If so, I’m ready to be his Coach.

Gabriel 30June12
With one of my students 🙂

Investment & Logistics

I like to work in a 3-Month Engagements as this allows sufficient time to see some transformation.

Sessions are done on Skype once a week. Each lasts 45 minutes except the first one lasting 90 minutes in order to know more about his situation.

benoit w: headset
…I’ve changed my headset since this picture!

In between sessions, he works on what we’ve decided during the session and makes improvements.

We assess at the following session and we advance in this manner from one session to the other, one focus to the next one.

Some People prefer to see first how it goes and what they can get out of the coaching session. Therefore we have the choice:

  • 3-Month Period: USD 1,100
  • One-Off Single Session (90 minutes): USD 200

Monthly or bi-weekly payment plans are available. Bank transfer or Paypal service charges will be added to these fees.

Your First Step, As Parents…

…is to contact me in order for us to have a complementary conversation together.

For this, please click this link, it shows my online calendar and what times are available. Please select the one that works for you.


Looking forward to talk with you,


Benoit looked after our son for 2 years during which we have seen tremendous improvements not only in his game but more importantly we have seen him growing as a person both on and outside the tennis court. He is now better equipped with life skills that will be very useful whatever path he decides to follow
Guillaume C.
Benoit is all about fixing objectives and giving the best of yourself, to the extent that he is able to get a teenager to get motivated about yoga and eating healthy!! He demands that you ask the questions and strive to answer them, at any age. No excuses.  Benoit has been such a positive influence on our son. He gives him support and an objective viewpoint that is so precious.
Julia T.G.
Benoit has coached our son Augustin for 2 years in HK from 2009-2011. During this period, Benoit has provided more than a classical tennis coaching. Aside a strong and full technical  training on tennis and physical, he managed to work on mental and attitude which are key components for competition. In addition, Benoit’s experience in professional tennis and ‘way of life’ are definitively strong assets to differentiate him as the best tennis coach we experimented. Unfortunatly, we are now back in France but thanks to the technology, my son is continuing mental coaching through skype. Thank you Benoit, thank you Coach!
Guy Delahodde
As a professional tennis player, I am confronted daily with the stress and anxiety that comes with traveling and adapting myself to new conditions, and more particularly competing against top level athletes. After a year spent playing pro tournaments, I felt the need to work with a person that could help me manage my stress, my anger and my fears and transform all those emotions in to positive energy on and off the court. Benoit has been that person for the last few months, and I feel fortunate to work with a person who cares as much about my career as my improvements as a human being in general. Thank you Benoit!
Ludovic Walter. Best ranking 279 ATP (Tennis World ranking)