Motivation: Wake Up to Give our Best, by Nike

Giving our best. Being our best. Mastering our minds, because there is something bigger than our discomfort. Beyond challenges and when we give our best, there is our Self smiling of contentment.

This Nike commercial shows a great deal of it.




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  1. Aude says:

    Waow! Such a great commercial from Nike! It would make the difference if every human being watched this every morning… Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Elena says:

    Well the masculine part of me is totally inspired to GET OUT THERE AND DO IT!

    1. benoitfoucher says:

      Yes, this post was not about feeling, dance and flow through life. It's more about go get it and make it happen, man! Glad it has inspired you, it did for me too (well, I wouldn't have posted this otherwise:))

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