Crazy Living Wed #5: How To Face Defeat Like A Champion

In my Crazy Living Wed Video and Podcast today, I’m talking about what I believe is the biggest obstacle to achieve our biggest dreams. And how to overcome it. At least giving you some idea about it.

The Challenge?

Losing. Fear of losing. How do we talk to ourselves when we lose and don’t get what we want. What does it all mean? Are we going to be able to make it?

Relax. Breathe. And watch or listen. Back with you right after.

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What About You?

How do you feel about NOT achieving the goal, the dream and hope that you have?

Can you shift this feeling and ask yourself: what’s my Real Victory for today?

Meaning, what is the one thing I can control that would make me happy, more performant and give me the maximum chance to conquer my dreams?

Get it? Now, keep asking yourself this question every morning. And when you get new results, refresh and restart the process. Who knows, you might be one of those who achieve crazy big dreams with crazy Peak Performances!

Enjoy Your Path Champion!

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