Crazy Living Wed #4: Stick To The Plan…Even If You Don’t Have One!


When we think about Champions, we understand they are not arrived at their top by coincidence. They have trained. Hard. And with consistency.

What if we were all to apply this way of living for each of us?

Life has this tendency to be filled by many things, most often not necessary, and at least not in alignment with what we truly want.

Therefore, as the famous coach James Ray says, failing to plan is a plan to fail!

So, this is, in a nutshell, my message of the day.

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My Plan Of The Moment

Just to give you a bit of possible inspiration, I’m sharing succinctly my goals and plans in the most important areas of my life’s development at the moment.

Goal 1: writing and publishing 2 books: Lone Wolf and Flow Tennis

Plan 1: I have written every day since January, one day each, and just finished the first draft of both of them.

Goal 2: Coaching Client Development

Plan 2: as I’m saying in the video, if you don’t have a plan, your plan is to have a plan. Meaning we need clarity first. This has been part of my daily work and concerns for the last 6 months. Now publishing and talking about what it’s all about every day in every possible way that I like.

Goal 3: Crazy Living World development= having more people following their crazy dreams on this planet and building my database.

Plan 3: this Crazy Living Wed video series is one of the parts. Interviews, social media and networking presence are other legs of this project. And more as I’m following this path obviously.

Important: I have other daily plans, and those I don’t think I need to focus so much on them, because they are integrated in my habits. Anyway, still to give you some ideas, they are:

– morning meditation

– fitness (I’m crazy about Kettlebells these days)

– time to plan my day

– money reviews

– fun moments with my wife and friends.

Oh, and one more thing. I’ve started recently to log each evening my results of the day, to see where I’ve done well and what I can do better the next day.

And you?

Feel free to share your plan(s) with your top priority in the comment section below.

In any case, enjoy sticking to your plan!

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