Crazy Living Video #9: 2 Attitudes Qui Bloquent Les Progres (in French)

Written English Version:


This week I’ve started our first Flow Tennis Camp in Le Mans, France.

While I’ve seen everyone make big leaps in their improvements, I’ve also realised 2 limiting patterns for making improvements:

The Victim attitude
The Flow Tennis method is based on creating for each training session our Real Victory: a goal that is important for us to fulfil on our path for big improvements.
Now, the victim attitude cannot stand this. Even when he makes improvements, he s going to look at ways that it’s not working, or explain that there are other problems.

Yes, it’s right: we can all improve in many many ways.
At the same time, by placing our minds at the end of a session on something else than what we’ve practiced (and improved), it’s impossible to gain confidence!

The Commentator
In a way, I find this style very funny. The person keeps commenting after each point for what’s not working.
On the other hand, impossible to make improvements when we are wired on our always changing monkey minds!

How to change?

I suggest for the Victim to realise what we’re doing, and start focusing on our Real Victory: this thing that, if improved, we would be happy about. Remember: what we focus on expands!

I suggest for the commentator to …stop talking!
We did this. It works. It creates some peace of mind.
And with this calm, now we can be aware of what’s going on in our senses…and improve again!

Enjoy living your crazy dreams!