Another Way To Build Self Confidence And Deal With Self Doubt

My previous post about self doubt  has created enough momentum for me to be invited to share my thoughts on stage at the Hong Kong Networking event Business Talents Network. Which clarified a few things further.

Confidence, Self-Doubt, Training And Competition Phases

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 7.28.03 AM


It is said that “life begins at the end of our Comfort Zone.”

As for personal growth and confidence, it certainly is the case.

After all, if we don’t challenge ourselves at all levels, how can we hope to build new strengths?!

2 notes related to the drawing above:

  • During competition (called Events here), the goal is to be ready, in a state of mind we control, placing our focus on something we know, that corresponds to us.

I have developed Standard Operating Procedures to build this skill, I’ll post this another time (also in my upcoming book Flow Tennis).


  • Which means during our training, it’s time to challenge ourselves in order to be ready for the competition.

Therefore, during our training phase, it’s time to get outside our comfort zone, use self doubt to build ourselves in a broader or deeper way.

And then during competition, we just apply what we’ve learned.

Simple? See some examples below.

Video Illustration During Event

As you can watch in this video, this guy is doing what he knows to do to remove all self-doubt!

Can you hear him grunting? My sense is that he’s letting go his fears (and self-doubt), this way. And yes, better not being afraid in his situation!

Questions To Ask Ourselves During Our Training Phase

As previously said, during training it’s a good time to challenge ourselves with a good use of self-doubt.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 7.45.49 AM

Indeed, asking ourselves the types of questions above is a great way to build a new strategy for our training.

For instance, when I consider adding strength in my endurance training regimen, I might have this kind of inner dialogue:

  • What is the worst thing that could happen? I might be exhausted. It might not work. Therefore, if I’m engaging in this type of training, I need to figure out a way for dealing with fatigue. And it’s important it does not alter my endurance training habits. Maybe I can do my training in different moments of the day? (actually, this is the right answer to not messing up our endocrine system:))
  • What if I’m not doing this type of training? Well, since I’ve worked the way I do fro a while now, I can’t expect new big improvements. Therefore, it’s good for me to build strength.
  • Is there anything else I’m afraid of? To get injured. So I’ll develop mobility training habits too before the training. And I’ll be very diligent with my recovery training too!

Ok, this is it.

To recap:

  • Competition is not a moment to test new things. It’s a moment to apply what we know and control what we can control. This is the realm of self-confidence!
  • Training is a great moment to challenge ourselves in new ways. This is the realm of the good use of self-doubt!

Enjoy your training. Enjoy your competition!