CLW #16: The 40 Day Calm Challenge

Would You Like To Perform Better?

If you well remember, in my Crazy Living Video #14, I mentioned that Roger Federer needs to raise his calm thermostat.

Whether we are tennis professionals like him, coaches or parents, whether it’s at school, in our work or at home, we all need to be able to respond well from to the¬†stress of our environment. And this is when being calm becomes handy.

When we don’t have a quiet mind…

  • We react from any stimulus. Automatic response.
  • We use our limbic “fight or fly” brain, that perceives situations as threats.
  • Soon or later, we make our life smaller, playing in a comfort zone field.

When we build a quiet mind…

  • We respond from any stimulus. We might pause before deciding what to do. And find what’s the most appropriate.
  • We use our creative brain, that perceives situations as opportunities to be and express ourselves.
  • Soon or later, we build a bigger and bigger life, expanding our comfort zone, and daring to be ourselves in more and more situations

Let’s Make It Simple

Most of the time we believe in order to change, we need to know a “secret”. Or something complicated. Or something that we will do “later”.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The today mission was inspired by an interview I’ve heard with Wim Hof, the “iceman”.¬†wim hof


  • Inhale deeply
  • Exhale, letting go
  • Inhale again (I like to count 1-2-3…till 8 to 16)
  • Exhale again (same counting)
  • 30 to 40 cycles
  • 2 times a day
  • during 40 days

Simple, isn’t it?!


After 30 breathe, as Wim explains, there is more oxygen in our body, we’re more “alkaline”, we might feel responses like muscles tingling or light headed. All good signs.

And this kind of magic is not the goal for us.

The goal is how we feel after our practice: more relaxed, refreshed, present, and calm.

Doing this during 40 Days, 30 breathing each morning, 30 breathing each evening, and enjoying our level of calmness increased, while our level of anxiety decreased.

Ready for the challenge?