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  • Courage

    Amazon link here While Extreme Ownership is a great book to build confidence in a masculine way, Courage is its equivalent for the feminine side of it. Indeed while the former is all about discipline, strategy and order, this one is about accepting, feeling and going beyond our ego-sense. To me, both are important to develop. […]

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  • Extreme Ownership

    Amazon Link Here This book has triggered many thoughts and aha moments for me. I think, especially as a man, many of us can get more confidence and leadership using the lessons they describe. Here are some notes to illustrate why. If you are interested to build confidence using a feminine approach at the same […]

  • Peak Performance
  • Interview Stephane Robert Part 1: Flow, Detachment & Awakening Our Senses (Francais & English)

    For the English Version, read below the French version. Version Française Aujourd’hui j’ai le grand honneur de presenter une interview d’un des meilleurs joueurs de tennis sur notre planète, pleine de precision et de panache, avec mon ami Stephane Robert. Si vous recherchez a: – developer votre potentiel au maximum… – etre bien plus fort […]

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  • Crazy Living Wed Video # 10: My 3 Top Techniques Of The Moment To Increase Crazy Peak Performances In Our Sport

    (pour la version française écrite, merci de lire plus bas en-dessous de la version anglaise) Today I’m sharing 3 Techniques That I’ve Just (re)learned For Peak Performance, based on my experience here in Nimes for a tennis camp with teenagers. Watch The Video Here Or Listen To The Audio Version Here Read The Explanations Here Technique #1: […]

  • Crazy Living Wed Video
  • Crazy Living Video #9: 2 Attitudes Qui Bloquent Les Progres (in French)

    Written English Version: 2 ATTITUDES THAT LIMIT OUR IMPROVEMENTS This week I’ve started our first Flow Tennis Camp in Le Mans, France. While I’ve seen everyone make big leaps in their improvements, I’ve also realised 2 limiting patterns for making improvements: The Victim attitude The Flow Tennis method is based on creating for each training […]

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  • Crazy Living # 7 : The Top 3 Skills For Parents To Help Their Young Champions To Develop

    picture parents of champions

    Je commence a poster en anglais avec des sous-titres en français! Si vous écoutez le podcast et voulez la traduction, le mieux est de regarder la video sur ce lien: www.benoitfoucher.com/parentschampions. Watch Here/ Regarde Ici… Or Listen Here/ Ecoute Ici The 3 Skills For Parents Of Champion Love Them As They Are…No Matter What! Ask Them Questions […]

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  • Ep #8: Introduction Crazy Men Coaching Program

    Crazy Men Coaching Program

    Listen to the Audio Podcast Version by clicking on this Soundcloud link, or Read the same information below. https://soundcloud.com/benoit-foucher/crazy-men-coaching-program-introduction Asking Myself The Big Question 5 months ago, I decided to reassess my coaching career by asking myself the forever-in-your-face-simple-yet-profound question: “what do I really want now?” The answer surprised and inspired me at the sam time: […]

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  • My Intentions For 2015

    “Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call heart power. Once a man has made this commitment, nothing will stop him short of success.” Vince Lombardi New Year, soon new Chinese New Year (bye bye the Horse, […]

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  • Success – Crisis – NEW SUCCESS! Andrew Ferebee from KnowledgeForMen – Interview #2

    Have you ever thought about quitting your job to do what you’d love to do? How about  jumping into the unknown, even though you’re not sure about the direction you’re going to take? In this interview today, I’ve had the pleasure to talk about this topic with Andrew Ferebee, founder of KnowledgeForMen.com  and KnowledgeForMen podcast. Only 26 […]

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  • Paralysis

    paralysis outside comfort zone

    We all have moments of doubts when we are about to do something outside of comfort zone. As I’m about to launch a new version of this website, I’ve had these moments yesterday that I captured in this post. Thought some other people can find this relevant. I’m here sitting in front of my computer. […]