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Hi, Benoit Foucher here.

We all have our path to follow. Mine has been about following my passions and talents, learning (a lot) from my mistakes, with women and businesses, seeking and re-difining success many times, and appreciating the ride, no matter what.

Following is my story as I would say it today, and I’m quite sure this story is going to unfold and being rewritten many more times…

My story, and how has it equipped me to help men through meaningful times in their lives

As a kid I had the dream to be a tennis professional, and, thanks to having the right environment, a dose of talent and plenty of determination, I got to live this dream, playing on the ATP tour for 5 years and topping at 680ATP and top 70 in France. It was a time of excitement and appreciation for doing what I always dreamed of doing while traveling the world, and also a time of intense frustration. Does this sound like ‘real life’, to you?

In terms of results, I did the best I could (which can be a great satisfaction in itself) and yet, I was not able to fulfill my true, full potential. This led me to ponder many things and finally to seek assistance from many teachers, trainers, coaches, philosophers and disciplines. I was exploring and pursuing all kinds of possible ‘answers’.

What I discovered during that time was that no matter how consciously I was seeking external success, my unconscious mind was not aligned with that intention. I’ve learned that our unconscious minds house fears, limiting beliefs and memories as well. Retrospectively, I believe this period of my life awakened in me my true calling, which is to assist other men to explore, reach and express their own true potentials.

Since then, my career path has been, well, an interesting ride! Following an amazing number of signs (or indicators) from the world around me, in 2007 I decided to radically change my life, leaving the comfort of Paris where I had a job, recognition, friends and a girlfriend, to start from scratch, alone and with debts, a new life in Hong Kong.

Now, 7 years later, I’ve written my first book (Ta Reelle Victoire, available in French only), followed my aspirations for adding life and business coaching to my sports coaching work, mixing in Yoga and Fitness trainer certifications; and coached all types of people, from intense training with teenagers who aspire to be professional tennis players, to adults who want to change their careers, find intimacy with a partner or to find fulfillment and maybe even joy.

And, I’ve realized that my even-truer aspiration is to assist men to wake up to the fact that life is what we make it, Guys! And, I know this because times of NOT knowing it were actually part of my journey too.
That’s how my work and career path has progressed so far and my romantic life has also been quite an adventure. Being somewhat reserved when I was a teen , it took me time to develop confidence and figure out how to explore the ‘girlfriend thing’ teenage boys are expected to ‘do’.

And, when I did, I realized how powerful and challenging it is to be intimate with someone, anyone, and especially someone we are sexual with – genders not specified.

Now, 16 years later, a few relationships and many sexual encounters later, I’ve recently married the ideal woman for me. My ego, fears and issues are challenged in the intimate dance we do as partners. What makes it possible, and worth doing even (and maybe especially when it’s tough going for one or both of us) is that, together, we have created a conscious space, and ways, for each other within which each and both of us can grow, live with love and authenticity and to safely explore and express our vulnerabilities.

In-between my teen years and today, I had all kind of learning experiences, which taught me many lessons. Lessons like

  • what it means to live within, and without, integrity that is my own true integrity;
  • understanding the power, the trials and tribulations, pay-offs and exaltations of desires;
  • how to identify how I use my sexual energy and then how to direct it in best possible ways;
  • learning what my truth is and then honoring it and being able to express it with honest confidence and no need to control others with it;
  • and, most recently, feeling what my heart wants and then sharing that knowledge despite any fears I have of being judged, not being loved or finding myself abandoned

We ALL have a lot to explore and learn on these topics!

Last, and not least, on a spiritual level, I evolved from not understanding how important this part of everyone’s life is (when I was younger) to learning and appreciating the benefits of calmness and stress relief when it’s coupled with mindfulness. From there, with time and experience, and a sincere dedication to staying engaged in this part of me, to learning how to live listening fully, and consistently to my intuition, I am now living this truth in, and as, my life. None of this is an easy ride either, and yet, all of it is definitely worth experiencing.

Now, in 2014, I live in a small community with my wife and good friends in nature near Hong Kong, with intentions one day or another to return to live in France. I am in the early days of writing my next book, The Lone Wolf, which will be published first in English by the end of this year.

And, as always, I am preparing new adventures for my clients, my friends and for me. I am passionate about tennis (still after 30 years!); personal and spiritual development, yoga, fitness, and I love sharing a great bottle, or two, of red wine with my friends!

If you’re an awakened or awakening man, ready to rock your world with me,  check out my Crazy Men Coaching Program.