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    Amazon link here While Extreme Ownership is a great book to build confidence in a masculine way, Courage is its equivalent for the feminine side of it. Indeed while the former is all about discipline, strategy and order, this one is about accepting, feeling and going beyond our ego-sense. To me, both are important to develop. […]

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  • Extreme Ownership

    extreme ownership

    Amazon Link Here This book has triggered many thoughts and aha moments for me. I think, especially as a man, many of us can get more confidence and leadership using the lessons they describe. Here are some notes to illustrate why. If you are interested to build confidence using a feminine approach at the same […]

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  • CLW #16: Le Challenge de 40 Jours Pour Plus De Calme

    wim hof

    Aujourd’hui une video pour travailler notre calme! Que ce soit sur le court de tennis, dans notre sport, nos relations ou notre vie en general, être capable de répondre avec un esprit tranquille, ouvert et juste, ca s’entraine. C’est ce que je propose dans cette video. Les Instructions Inspire profondement Expire en laissant aller naturellement […]

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  • CLW #16: The 40 Day Calm Challenge

    wim hof

    Would You Like To Perform Better? If you well remember, in my Crazy Living Video #14, I mentioned that Roger Federer needs to raise his calm thermostat. Whether we are tennis professionals like him, coaches or parents, whether it’s at school, in our work or at home, we all need to be able to respond […]

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  • 2 Ways Champions Change The World

    2 Ways Champions Change The World

    After the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, I’ve had lots of thoughts about it. Things like: “What can I do to change the world?” “Why are we killing each others?” “Am I really doing what I’m supposed to do in this life? These self interrogations and discussions with my closed ones has lead me to […]

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  • CLW #15: The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made In My Tennis Pro Career (Eng/ Francais)

    rafa dive

    In English When they have reach the top of any field, and particularly in sport, I believe Champions have developed 5 Qualities to get there: Passion. This is the main engine. No Passion, Game Over. Skills. Of course they work hard at developing their talents, again and again. Fitness. Specific physical abilities that are adapted […]

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  • Interview Stephane Robert Part 2: Calm & Determination

    Stephane Robert

    For the English Version, please scroll down below the French Version. Version Française Voici la suite de l’interview de Stephane Robert, joueur de tennis professionnel, classe 61e mondial en 2010. La 1e partie se trouve ici. Aujourd’hui il nous parle de l’art de négocier ses matches, les rituels, le calme, son entrainement physique, et bien […]

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  • Interview Stephane Robert Part 1: Flow, Detachment & Awakening Our Senses (Francais & English)

    Stephane Robert

    For the English Version, read below the French version. Version Française Aujourd’hui j’ai le grand honneur de presenter une interview d’un des meilleurs joueurs de tennis sur notre planète, pleine de precision et de panache, avec mon ami Stephane Robert. Si vous recherchez a: – developer votre potentiel au maximum… – etre bien plus fort […]

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  • Crazy Living Wed #11: Mindset, Etat d’Esprit Fige Vs. Etat d’esprit de Croissance

    mindset video

    The Video is in French. Read below the French part of this post for some explanations in English. A propos de Cette Video Je finis de lire Mindset, de Carol Dweck , que je trouve formidable. L’idee principale c’est qu’elle a remarque 2 types d’état d’esprit qui font une difference énorme sur la qualité de […]

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  • Crazy Living Wed Video # 10: My 3 Top Techniques Of The Moment To Increase Crazy Peak Performances In Our Sport

    3 ways for peak performance

    (pour la version française écrite, merci de lire plus bas en-dessous de la version anglaise) Today I’m sharing 3 Techniques That I’ve Just (re)learned For Peak Performance, based on my experience here in Nimes for a tennis camp with teenagers. Watch The Video Here Or Listen To The Audio Version Here Read The Explanations Here Technique #1: […]

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  • Crazy Living # 7 : The Top 3 Skills For Parents To Help Their Young Champions To Develop

    picture parents of champions

    Je commence a poster en anglais avec des sous-titres en français! Si vous écoutez le podcast et voulez la traduction, le mieux est de regarder la video sur ce lien: www.benoitfoucher.com/parentschampions. Watch Here/ Regarde Ici… Or Listen Here/ Ecoute Ici The 3 Skills For Parents Of Champion Love Them As They Are…No Matter What! Ask Them Questions […]

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  • Ep #11: Being In The Flow, Secrets Of World Record Holder Jerome Lacorte

    Picture Jerome Lacorte Benoit Foucher

    This interview is in French. For English translation, check the video on my website www.benoitfoucher.com/jerome Watch The Interview Here (With English Subtitles) Listen To The Interview (In French) This is the first interview in the series Being In The Flow. 15-16 Nov 2014: Jerome Lacorte broke the World Guiness Book record of number of matches […]

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  • Ep #9 : Facing Racism In Ferguson, Missouri With Tom Prost

    don t shoot picture

    Listen To This Episode https://soundcloud.com/benoit-foucher/ep-9-facing-racism-in-ferguson-missouri-with-tom-prost 9 Aug 2014 Michael Brown, a black american, is shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. While protests in the street remain, some people have decided to step up in order to help. I have the honour to interview today Tom Prost, who decided to become a Legal Observer […]

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  • How To Be In The Flow. Lessons Gained In Tennis To Perform At Our Best And With Ease

    Flow pic, Benoit Foucher Flow article

    Imagine. August 2004. You’re a tennis professional playing an ATP tournament and you’re soon going to be on the court. It’s been a long journey already and you’ve certainly been training far beyond the 10,000 hours required to master your craft. And now there is a chance, your chance. Your chance to make a difference. […]

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  • Ep #8: Introduction Crazy Men Coaching Program

    Crazy Men Coaching Program

    Listen to the Audio Podcast Version by clicking on this Soundcloud link, or Read the same information below. https://soundcloud.com/benoit-foucher/crazy-men-coaching-program-introduction Asking Myself The Big Question 5 months ago, I decided to reassess my coaching career by asking myself the forever-in-your-face-simple-yet-profound question: “what do I really want now?” The answer surprised and inspired me at the sam time: […]

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  • My Intentions For 2015


    “Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call heart power. Once a man has made this commitment, nothing will stop him short of success.” Vince Lombardi New Year, soon new Chinese New Year (bye bye the Horse, […]

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  • Ep #4: Jameson Brandon, Performance Biohacker, Psychedelics To Find Clarity & Overcoming Obstacles

    Success-Crisis-New Success! Jameson Brandon Interview From This New Episode Jameson’s story towards success, how he started from the worse with door to door salesman to crack the financial code, crashed then went back on track with… …the use of psychedelics, NLP and meditation to transform, find his vision and motivation the good use of competition […]

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  • Success – Crisis – NEW SUCCESS! Andrew Ferebee from KnowledgeForMen – Interview #2

    Have you ever thought about quitting your job to do what you’d love to do? How about  jumping into the unknown, even though you’re not sure about the direction you’re going to take? In this interview today, I’ve had the pleasure to talk about this topic with Andrew Ferebee, founder of KnowledgeForMen.com  and KnowledgeForMen podcast. Only 26 […]

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  • Paralysis

    paralysis outside comfort zone

    We all have moments of doubts when we are about to do something outside of comfort zone. As I’m about to launch a new version of this website, I’ve had these moments yesterday that I captured in this post. Thought some other people can find this relevant. I’m here sitting in front of my computer. […]

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  • You Don’t Have to Meditate in a Cave for 10 Years for Your Spiritual Development

    Ray Dalio, Succesful Businessman who meditates

    I believe as men, maybe because of testosterone, maybe because of the Human Evolution (after all, guys, we were all hunters a few thousand years ago), we have this deep desire to achieve, to attain, to succeed…in something! Whether this is to support your soccer team, to make millions, provide for our family, build more […]